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a collection of links with the topic space crafts and primitive space crafts, Space Agencys and so on. The background painting is an alien ship in the space.

I think black holes do remove what some people call zero point energy from space. And I think this is the reson why stars are pressed into them. If I am next to a black hole and gravitation waves are removed from the side where the black hole is - I am pressed into it because of the waves from the other directions.

I canīt imagine a Universe without verry intelligent Aliens. And logical-proves on most Homeland Worldīs I am an Alien. Think about how Jesus Crist Birth house was found. It is not possible to find a single house because of a star. It is possible to find a direction with stars. The three holy kings do not have Satellite Navigation, Hubble and Lasers to find it, and the Earth is turning around all the time - so it ist impossible (no one can run that fast), except the 3 wise men have found the house because of a low flighing standing tarned Alien spaceship (they canīt see the ship but the white star like point in the middle). Some people think it was the morning star, but have not thought about it and never tryed it.


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teamachine.htm how does the tea or café machine work ?
http://beyondheroes2.tripod.com/shipconstruction.htm list of things you maybee like to think about if you like to build an spaceship - ship construction
http://www.nasa.gov National Space Agency (USA) - a page with lots of links and contend
http://visibleearth.nasa.gov National Space Agency (USA) - pictures from earth, fires, ...
http://www.nasa.gov/vision/earth/lookingatearth/NIGHTLIGHTS.html nightlights space view
http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/ Hubble Uncovers Smallest Moons Yet Seen Around Uranus
The Slant on Saturn's Rings
Farthest, Faintest Solar System Objects Found Beyond Neptune
http://www.nasda.go.jp/ National Space Development Agency of Japan - good page with some interesting links

space night - Sendung mit vielen Videos von der Erdoberfläche - auf dieser Seite steht was jeweils in der Sendung kommt


Deutscher Star Trek Fan Club mit dem Namen OSTFC - der größte Deutsche Star Treck Fan Club mit Downloadpage

http://www.startrek.de Deutsche Star Trek Seite - dort kann man unter anderem DVD´s usw. bestellen
http://www.mewho.com/system47/ my favourite Star Trek screensaver
http://www.planetobserver.com spaceview - Card of the World (20 Dollar)
http://robotics.nasa.gov/mer/screensaver.htm Mars Screensaver
wormhole.html 3 ships flying into a wormhole
http://hubblesource.stsci.edu/ Informations for Science and Education

Beamer I do like the Transporter - Beamer where a blue glowing ellipse of Light appears over the ground near the end of the beam process.

Alien paintings in art Video


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